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However humans are considered a more developed specie and should have a different behaviour than that revealed by the video, otherwise they became a little psycho. We take away kittens from their mothers to have as pets. This did not happen in the wild. YOU DONT TREAT A CAT LIKE THAT AND LET IT GET IT WORST NIGHTMARE. not only for the kitten, but also for the snake, who could have easily been the one killed if the situation had played out differently. Do you see the picture now? People probably wouldn't be so up in arms if that live food weren't a kitten. You do not just take a kitten no older than 4 months, play with it on a bed while a python sneaks up on it, crushes it and eats it while you just sit there and film it then upload it onto the Internet. difference is: those rabbits, rats, mice are dead at the time they are fed to the snakes (well in germany at least), they warm em up before the feeding. Well in your own pea-sized, pathetic brains try to imagine that ANY violence is wrong. Pretty sure you don’t play with rats and name them before you feed a snake….. Ngochai726278. Its not the location that matters, its what goes on in the location. If it were a rat, some other "ugly" animal, maybe even a rabbit no one would care. It is said clearly in the post: the video(1) WORKS only in “Internet Explorer” browser. Have you actually watched the videos? The turd who forcefed the Kitten to the Python belongs in Prison. To all you smart arse circle of life/snakes have to eat folk… The guy has also posted a previous video of him killing kittens by putting them in a plastic bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner until they asphyxiate. Unfortunately this happens, kittens are free all over many countries so is very possible for persons to receive kittens to feed to reptile. Budgies are the most owned pet bird in the world, and so many sickos are feeding these birds, screaming in pain while they’re being crushed. Being dismissive about this particular video just because it’s not happening to a human is hugely ignorant- it’s common knowledge that animal abusers are highly likely to move on to abusing/killing humans when they stop getting the same “kick” from hurting animals. He also released another video, a couple of days after this Python video, where he sellotaped a kitten to a broom handle and drowned the kitten in the bath. The British authorities opened an investigation claiming that when identified, the sicko might face 6 months in prison plus a 20000 pounds fine for cruelty to animal. That’s the whole reason of their existance, to be fed to your pets!… they would’ve never been born in the first place if it wasn’t for that reason! meat. I do not do this as I own small animals but I have heard of this happening in many areas. He is a waste of time and space! fuck no get it. True, because Kittens/Cats are common house hold pets, its sickening to do this. The cirlce of life is not the answer! F***ING IDIOTS! The first is the python tries to get the cat, the cat sees the python and runs away with NO ONE (hint hint) preventing the cat from running away. I think the bigger picture here is not just the fact he fed a live kitten to his python, but the whole disturbing episode ..the santa outfit, the way he plays with the kitten first, his mind is not right at all and most uncomfortable of all is that little drummer boy playing in the background which is the song that Myra Hindley had playing when she tortured a 10 year old on tape the files about it , this guy is a sicko and god knows what they are capable of when they get bored with kittens ! And the names of the divers … 0:41. However, this “neglected in need love” human being trapped the defenseless kitten (repeat for emphasis) DEFENSELESS with no chance of fighting for her life as meal for the python. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. 2:01. 6 Comments. According to the Daily Mail, the video, which has since been removed from the internet, teases more “feeding videos.” The chilling seven-minute clip was originally posted on a site called Flix and the account holder is listed as being from Islington in London. And you must be a snake owner. Snake Vore. And since he is into gay porn and having things shoved up his ass, stick a metal rod in a fire and shove it up his ass. SHOCKING Giant Anaconda Eats Man Alive #4 - Biggest Snake In The World -Giant Python Attacks - Real. What are we going to do about it. even live rats can kill the snake during feeding. Stop standing up for this sadist psycho and see that there is NOTHING normal in taking pleasure from such thing, you bastard. And before anyone starts b*tching that snapping the rodents neck is cruel too, its the fastes and most painless way to kill it. AND F*** YOUR SO CALLED THOUGHTS ON THE WILD. There are a lot of cruel things in the world and this is right up there with them. Even a bunny or ginnuea pig if your specimen is very big. So what? As far as everyones biased opinions against reptiles, quit talking out of your a holes!… you’re just making yourself look exactly like what you’re talking out of!… now that’s RILL! So, what moral right do you have to damn the eating habits of a python while tolerating the behaviour of a cat? excellent,,,that’s very detailed information:). Jesus Victory. Tonkinese kitten survives attack from two metre carpet python A four-month-old kitten has survived a harrowing encounter with a snake that came within seconds of crushing the cat to death. It won’t suffer, I’ll just take a machete to it’s head. But this guy most likely rescued this kitten from a shelter. i think you are an idiot you have probably never even spent anytime with a pet snake so narrow minded. Oh my god you legit spoke my mind right on spot. We’re not in the wild. He (luka Magnotta) killed the kittens in the plastic bag as well! The animals get 30 though. But for this person to mingle with the kitten as if he cared for it, was ridiculous. People breed these rodents for the sole purpose of feeding them to your pets. He’ll have a hard time finding work after he’s caught and google-searching his name turns up this video. 3 Comments. I think its wrong on description , haven’t seen it yet and in the context of the other rumoured video of the cat being drowned , then its going to be out of cruelty . I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL AND SATAN EATS HIS BALLS. Now, many may wonder about the legality of possessing dangerous reptiles as pets, but the authorities are perhaps the most entitled to provide answers in this regard! In a world of onlycatsanddogs? Yeah I doubt that, it had like 40 views when I saw it in 2 years. Shame on this poor pathetic excuse for a human. They have the same right to live that the cat. the difference is the betrayal and deception of the kitten. F**K YOU B**CH, STINKING B**CH. Burmese pythons are among world’s largest snakes (public domain). In the wild, yes this would be OK. you should let them be free, you completly contradicted yourself!!!! That man is a monster. Voraciousmogz. Horrifying footage shows the moment a woman was cut from a 27ft python after being If so many sickos can jeer and laugh at how a bird is killed, then it’s only fair that a cat do the same. Do you have any idea what he’s done? nous on tue bien des vaches des chevaux des chèvres des cochons pour les mangers aussi . dont anyone dare try to stick up for this sick psychotic act of humanity. AND THEN PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE PUTS IT ON THE INTERENET. This wasn’t done by a human being. Some are bred for feeding, some are bred to be pets. Thank u! sir allah ine3alle walidine emoke al keleb ya rabi derob dinemok chi tonobila ou techouf ki adi tera lemok. A person who is f***ed in the head and finds EXCUSES for what they do is not going to have a very “pleasant” afterlife. A staff member recognized it and freed his corpse from the snake. Someone needs to get to a shrink, immediatly. no you’re a cunt… it’s the circle of life. cant explain the anger i feel toward this sick human. It’s more about this man’s power/control fantasy rather than feeding his snake. et comme quand le chat mange une souris tout le monde s’en fou, donc moi jdis le serpent à fait ça parce qu’il avait faim donc, It is shocking is not just a snake eating a cat … O.o ” we kill many cows horses pigs goats for mangers too. These videos are a serious concern for many people. There was 1 case in the US when a retic killed and tried to swallow a zoo keeper. it’s understandable when snake eats cats,,even alive,,,that’s a survival matter. Now that the basics of HOW IT HAPPENS in the WILD has been talked about what happened in this video is very far from this fact the poor defenceless kitten HAS not mother to protect her and is forced to be on the bed with no where to go but one place in the python, THIS IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENS IN THE WILD IDIOTS. Poor thing, but life goes on and always will. dude on what planet do you live on?? I love bumming,espicially poo bums. Im going to say this plain and simple if you think its okay to playfully pet a kitten then feed it to a snake all on video and post it for people to see you’re a fucking sick fuck and if i ever meet you in life i will make you wish a snake would eat you alive to put you of your misery. If you think this is right your as bad as him. Thats what makes this fucked up the fact that hes recording it and laughing if you think that this person isnt sick in the head then you’re more fucked than he is. Montreal crime case: The Python Christmas psycho a.k.a. One might argue that not doing this is disgusting… And after 3 days he should be feed to the piranha’s. That jerk that feed one a kitten should go to jail for 10yrs. Fate (2) G-Omrt. it is meant for that type of stuff. 3:39. I have snakes but i wouldn’t feed live and anyone that does hasn’t tried hard enough to feed them frozen thawed! Chances of you living are less then that of this kitten that had no where to go. God curse you! he kills kittens and other animals. omg… om ziek van te worden […], Your email address will not be published. because the rage is “outdated”, the video is too old and was probably debated at that time. Obviously not loved by your ugly mothers ! someone made a comment about about snakes eating rats, mice, or rabbits, its nature for animals to feed on others. A very fast work for about 8 hours, didnt go hard on it becouse its realy hard to pose a 100+ part snake. In the wild, the cat would have been eaten anyway. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Florida wildlife has proven yet again just how wild it can be after a woman shared video of a venomous coral snake eating another snake while it was being attacked by a yellow jacket wasp. Hell, he could’ve just put the cat in the snake’s tank and left it be. I wonder if he has harmed any humans? It’s not the fucking circle of life. Yeah, shoot the fucker down. He’s only a sicko in your minds because you are puppets of the law and of the government, and anything the law says is bad you think it is indeed bad because to you the law is like God. How can that be called non abuse when the owner obviously pushed the cat towards the python you idiot? Wouldn’t it have been animal cruelty if he let the snake starve? he may have killed people too. Humans are Omni-vores. C’est pas choquant c’est juste un serpent qui mange un chat … O.o”. Brave Man Eating A snake Alive. I hope those of of you who spoke in that manner were only speaking out of emotional distress and anger for the injustice he committed, and wouldn’t actually do the things you wrote. These stinking reptiles should all be made into boots. 665 Favourites. Once the cat is on the bed, the man distracts it and the python moves in, wrapping its body around the defenseless feline. Sharks live in the ocean. Snakes only NATURALLY eat rats, mice rats etc. Its not new, its how it is. He loves the Russian mafia, he travels and lives off wealthy males or women. Snakes shouldn’t be allowed as pets in society? They are also 100% sienctifically proven to have eaten Humans and try eating humans. It IS natural for any animal in a snake’s way to get eaten. Now that I have posted it on some news sites, its had almost 400. Your Ad Choices He needs to be arrested, and put in a place were he can no longer harm any living thing, as well as receive intense medical/psychological help. "When you see the look on the kitten's face, their expression, it is heartbreaking." Thanks for posting that link when you did. Funny how this has been there forever and nobody cares, but this other video is some big horror story. Severflame. YOU SHOULDN’T FEED ANY LIVE ANIMLAS TO A SNAKE ESPECIALLY NOT A DOMESTICATED DEFENSLESS KITTEN! A lot of low-life, low IQ jack-asses here claiming it’s “ok” because people eat meat. i breed my own rats, the only human contact hey get is when i clean the cages or feed/water them. This is all for the purpose of fame. That cat was barely months old and had it’s life taken away from it before it even lived. DO YOU FUCKING PET THEM AND MAKE THEM TRUST YOU AND MAKE THEM LIKE YOU SO THEN YOU CAN TURN THEM INTO SNAKE CHOW? He needs to be tied up and have gas poured all over his groin area and maybe turn the music up when he starts screaming from anguish. Ok, in the wild it goes that way. We don’t even need meat to live. Sweet Heart. You are in the woods near a swamp and a anaconda tries to attack you you defend your self and get away with a few injuries but your alive in this scenario OR it attacks squeezes the life out of you and you die and you become snake food. Therefore, pythons would never feed on cats in the wild. Tags: Burmese pythoncat python feedinggruesome video python catJasmine catJasmine kittenLondon twisted thugPython Christmas videopython snakevideo cat fed pythonvideo python catvideo Python Christmas. That mindset is no different than the depravity shown in the video. Why name somethings food if it was just meant to be food? June 1, 2012: Python Christmas sicko turns into cannibal, chased by Interpol Now before you think of anything about what I just typed, even a snake is not stupid they will not attack if they know any potential harm will come to them, with a very aggressive mother cat ready to fight to the death is there to defend her young it will probably not attack knowing it could be very hurt or even die. So they’re not alive to actually feel having they’re neck snapped or being bitten. That would have been better, then the cat would have been tenderized first. You know he posts videos of himself on Youtube likening himself to Myra Hindley? I don’t for rodent-type animals, lizards, or whatever else snakes eat. June 4, 2012: Kitten killer Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin. I don’t have a cat, or a dog, I don’t like them and I will never have, but I have two pet rats and gerbils, a friend of mine has a rabbit, and they`re much more intelligent and sociable with their owner (specially the rats) than a cat is. PS BUMDER, I’m going to bum every body who comments on this. Go straight to hell. You know how that happens? You don’t like this video for one reason: It’s a cute little kitty. Act crazy, man eating snakes alive. But this proves that this man isn’t human. snake ownership is a breeding ground for cruelty to animals. Yes, a snake eating a live animal is natural, but who in God’s name sits there with a video-camera and WATCHES? Homo-Sapiens evolved on a diet of meat fruit and vegetables. but in the wild. News of a pickup-truck-size reticulated python killing and swallowing a woman whole in central Indonesia, eating even her clothes, has made headlines around the world. This was done by a monster. Fate (9) G-Omrt. And there are a lot of vegetarians in this world for that very f***ing reason. They seem to be useless when it really matters. Its part of a snakes instinct after all. anyway, that kid is a psycho he has chopped someone up and is on the run! He then kept them in his fridge until they were stiff and took pictures of him rubbing them on his penis! As long as you are in its hunting grounds you are food regardless of being human. Privacy Notice Buy some brains…. it would be better if i saw a wild cart, not a home cat that has no idea of the real world, and see the wild cat be eaten by the snake in the wilderness. Note: Original video of boy from Islington, London, UK, feeding kitten to Burmese python, has been meanwhile taken down off the web!!! A mouse or a rat suffers as much as a cat, when the python devours them. Snakes should not be pets. It is illegal and the RSPCAhave every right to track him down and lock him up for what he did. Sure people make pets out of rodents and that’s fine. The only thing I would accuse this guy of would be that he recorded this feeding procedure and put it on the net, where children might get traumatized by watching it. This useless clause of the law just bans using a “pet” as food for another animal. So yes, this is very sick. Roadrunners Kills and Eating Rattlesnake - Snake Vs Birds Fighting video - Wild Animal Attack Videos . I have no problems with live kittens being fed to snakes. Animal abuse makes me cry, but man I was so livid when I watched this that I couldn’t shed a tear. And yes this is for fun or else you would tape it + they also found a movie of the same person where (s)he is drowning a kitten. Seriously, spend 5 minutes on google, see what you come up with and then shove your circle of life/python has to eat theories right up your couch potato bottom! That they’re not pets?? Morality is what his parents should have taught him. Because you have a cat at home? the problem is not that the snake is eating the kitten, the problem lies witht he owner of the snake + kitten. Are you a fucking moron? What this guy did was psychotic. It is only natural. Although in the video we got a burmese python, whish does not get very big. I hate snakes and I will kill any snake I see, if it’s possible. ADDING A NEW FORM OF DEATH AND VIOLENCE DOES NOT MAKE IT “OK”. Names of the scientists who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were: D. Karim Mohammed, d. Mohammed Sharif, d. Mr. Sea, d. Mahmoud students, d. Mazen Al-Rashidi. Are should we all marry ten wives because in some parts of Africa it is allowed??? Its not natural for one animal to eat another?? Snakes are not soo dangerous, if you care for them properly. 34 Comments. Manik Syed. THE CAT WAS A VICTIM OF A DUMB B**CH. frame 4. Don’t defend the fucking psychopath. Stupid government should not allow such useless creatures into this country and where the hell are the animal rights groups? Point is what this man did here is not natural and never will be as long is something is done like this in the a human controlled environment it is not natural, in order for it to be natural the animal must have a way to escape its fate. And to the idiots who said that it was cruel to pet the cat before it bacame snake chow, would you have rather for the guy to have beaten the cat and feed it to the snake. I don’t get people who think that it is normal to feed a kitten to a snake! your a fucking retard.. thats all i got to say.. dumbass, Are you serious about feeding kittens to snakes? Updated February 26, 2017. Animals are more innocent then humans will ever be. People even pet shops feed rabbits to snakes, why not cats? Today at 8:20 PM Thats not how business goes in the wild life. FUCKING WATCHING AS A POOR BABY CAT GETS EATEN AND TAKING PLEASURE IN IT IS SICK. Come on, don’t you people know by now what are the limitations and how we should act like caring human beings? Ah, that is just natural for a cat. Everyone is complaining about kittens being killed by a rattle snake. I wonder what you would choose if you were given the option to either be killed instantaneously with a gun to the head, then eaten by a shark. On a serious note…couldn’t he at least have bought a better camera?? The kitten was not old enough to protect itself, and it trusted the human that took over momma cat role. Now if you want to toss meat out of your diet for whatever reason thats fine, but get the hell off that high horse you rode in on and stuff those bullshit vegan comments. It’s not a video supporting animal cruelty, but rather the very opposite. Animal activists can be extremely hypocritical, this is a great example of that. kitten-killer was identified as 29-year-old Rocco Luka Magnotta. Cats and dogs are not wild creatures, after so many years of being our best friends, we are supposed to protect them, not feed them to wild creatures! 2 Comments. No normal person does that. hey if some one sees a cat killing a snake no one cares. wrong, there are some snakes who eat big cats. Sick and twisted and vile. Hollywood Shows &Drama. This is because cats tend to rip and tear their prey, which in the process kills them. Cats are related tobig cats such as the tiger and lion but since then they are a domestic pet. I said i wont do that. He should not be locked somewhere far away. Sitemap Hell does exist. 14 Comments. Feeding his pet snake a live animal was the correct way to feed it, because that’s what they EXPECT to eat by their NATURALLY BORN INSTINCT! fucking sick idiot ho dit this i f i know who you are and i am going that i Despite if it is nature or not, the fact that this sick bastard is filming it and enjoying it, that is sick! The Python is not to blame. It’s not the snakes fault. P.s. So if he chopped the snake up to save the kitten in the end would people still be bitching is one animal’s life worth more than another’s? Let me guess you’re a vegan right? Any Python/reptile owner who watches this series of videos and makes circle of life comments is clearly missing the bigger picture, is hugely lacking in knowledge of the subject and essentially giving reptile owners a bad name! Why? Well what’s the difference between that and the cute little pinky mice that are so newborn that they can’t even open their eyes yet that I feed to my corn snake? When a lion eats a deer, it´s nature, i agree. OMGChannel. Cat does not survive. 58,431, This story has been shared 52,004 times. A disturbing video uploaded initially on Liveleaks and Youtube features a sick individual feeding his python with a…living kitten. Burmese pythons are among world’s largest snakes (public domain) The footage called “Python Christmas” highlights a sicko guy in his 20s holding a playful cat in a Santa hat and then dropping it on a bed. I’m so sick of this whole we don’t need meat bullshit. Animal Fights Lion Eating Antelope Testis When It's Alive Brutal Animals Wildlif. this is DISCUSTING and if i got my hands on the sicko who did this i swear to god i would put him through the most horrific pain ever felt towards a human being. The person who did this should be hanged upside down on his own balls. But on a bed, after playing with it? Amazing Giant Snake Found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian divers, has been killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers. Snakes do NOT eat kitten. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 849 Favourites. It is natural for snakes to eat meat. Now cats on the other hand thats just psychotic. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights THE B***CH CUNT WILL ROT IN HELL. HE SHOULD BE BUTTRAPED IN JAIL!!! Also generally the animal is already dead. No more kittens need die. Biggest Crocodile Eats A Girl Alive_New Video 2015. What you eat used to be a lot of cows/pigs/chickens, given just enough space to breath, on a ground that is really bad and extremely painful to stand or lie on. What was your moral excuse for not only putting that animal through that in the sick sadistic sly way you did but filming it for your own sad kicks. Read also: Stunning Photos: Giant python fights, constricts, kills crocodile in water. this truly makes me sick, feeding that little defenceless kitten which has built up its trust for the human, to that evil snake in a captive environment, i truly hope the sadist pyscho who done this gets serious prison time for this. Are you really saying that what he did wrong was betray the cat’s trust? The man, who remains at large, could face up to six months in jail and a stiff fine under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. BUMMING, i’ll make him eat poo till he throws up and then i’ll make him lick that up and eat it, then i’ll let pythons eat his arms and legs, i agree with you bumders, but i think to should tie him to a gaint kitten and make him eat it, then when he as ate it i will brake his knee caps then i will make a knee cap pizza and make him eat that and the i will bum him till his eyes bleed and make him drink the blood he crys then cut off his toes and make some anal beeds with them and put them up his ars then i will bum you ALL!!!!! In the WILD if a python finds a cat and tries to attack and eat the cat, the cat has 2 scenarios that could happen to it. He was a beautiful little pet. I love how people are missing the point of people’s outrage. So when the exact same thing happens in the wilderness, it is okay, but it is not when it happens in a home? I have even bummed elton John to death. Police took notice of him in December 2011 but dropped the case because it was outside their jurisdiction.
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