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In subtropical Central Chile (as far as 42° S lat.) There are over 230 registered cities across the country, let’s find out which one is the capital. From the 1920’s poetry emerged as the leading genre. Other major periodicals are the Catholic weekly Que Pasa and the monthly Mensaje (since 1944, circulation 20,000–30,000). International avant-garde trends influenced the poetry of V. Huidobro (1893–1948), the theoretician and leader of Chilean creacionismo (from the Spanish crear, “to create”). The Capital City of Chile(officially named Republic of Chile) is the city of Santiago. The dances and rituals of the indigenous Indians, containing elements of dramatic action, may be regarded as the germ of Chile’s national theater. 18°S to Cape Horn (lat. Washed by the cold Peru Current, the northern coast is marked by considerable relative humidity, cloudiness in winter and spring, heavy fogs and mists (camanchaca and garúa), and average monthly temperatures ranging from 12°–16° to 18°–22°C. The nation weathered the 2008–9 global financial crisis and recession relatively well as the government used financial reserves from the 2003–8 copper boom for a stimulus program. The accession to power in 1886 of the Liberal J. M. Balmaceda—an advocate of independent economic and political development—was unpalatable to the oligarchy, which was supported by the foreign monopolies, the church, and the upper ranks of the military. Economically, Chile is one of the relatively well-developed countries of Latin America. The city’s spirit matches the grandeur of its landscape. 1–2, 1925–35), imbued with a despairing rejection of the world, gave way to the civic poetry of Spain in My Heart (1937) and then to General Song (1950), an epic about the land and people of Latin America. What is the capital of Chile ? Although the copper mines are still owned by the state, they are worked and managed by US monopolies. awantwin2004. The Syndicate of Theater Actors, founded in the 1920’s, merged with the Association of Theater Actors in 1954. Illegal publications include the newspaper El Siglo, the organ of the Communist Party of Chile, and the journal Los Principios, the party’s theoretical organ. In the 1958 presidential elections the FRAP candidate, the Socialist S. Allende Gossens, received only 30,000 votes less than the candidate of the right-wing forces and the puppet of big capital, J. Alessandri. Fishing and lumbering are also important economic activities. Chile is predominantly urban, with more than a third of the total population concentrated in and around Santiago and Viña Del Mar. Since January 1977 limited activity has been permitted to the National Party (Partido Nacional), which was created in 1966 through a merger of the Conservative and Liberal parties and which drew its support from the landowning and financial-industrial oligarchy. adaliciaroth. The slowdown has affected small-scale and artisan industries, as well as large enterprises. After the military coup of Sept. 11, 1973, a military fascist regime was established in the country that upheld the openly terroristic dictatorship of the big Chilean capitalists and the foreign monopolies allied with them. Among swine, erysipelas, hog cholera and infectious atrophic rhinitis have been recorded; among poultry, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, mycoplasmosis, Marek’s disease, pullorosis, leukosis, and fowl cholera and pox; among sheep, infectious enterotoxemia, ecthyma contagiosum, and mange; among rabbits, myxomatosis and coccidiosis; and among horses, strangles, horse influenza, and lymphagitis ulce rosa pseudofarcinosa. The Northern Economic Region, encompassing the First through Fourth regions, is a mining region producing copper, iron ore, and saltpeter. In addition, there are three colleges, a conservatory, and the School of Applied Arts. The average life expectancy was 62.6 years. The Chilean lake district is a noted resort area. Write. Livestock raising, extensive rather than intensive, is carried on throughout the country. All this provoked discontent among the masses and strengthened the influence of the Communist Party and the FRAP. a republic in South America, on the Pacific, with a total length of about 4090 km (2650 miles) and an average width of only 177 km (110 miles): gained independence from Spain in 1818; the government of President Allende (elected 1970) attempted the implementation of Marxist policies within a democratic system until overthrown by a military coup (1973); democracy restored 1988. What does the underlined word mean in the following sentence? Bachelet's coalition also won majorities in both houses of the Chilean congress. It was a founding member of the Union of South American Nations and the United Nations. miles). In March 1936 a Popular Front was created by the Communist, Radical, and Socialist parties. A considerable amount of scientific work is also done by the universities, notably the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile. Located about 69.5 miles northwest of Santiago, the Greater Valparaiso provides the second largest metropolitan in Chile.
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