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Wind, Clouds and Rain unmasks its official main poster and individual teaser photos. Adiabatic cooling occurs when one or more of three possible lifting agents – convective, cyclonic/frontal, or orographic – cause a parcel of air containing invisible water vapor to rise and cool to its dew point, the temperature at which the air becomes saturated. [81], A newly recognized species of stratocumulus or altocumulus has been given the name volutus, a roll cloud that can occur ahead of a cumulonimbus formation. This condensation normally occurs on cloud condensation nuclei such as salt or dust particles that are small enough to be held aloft by normal circulation of the air. [139][140] Water-ice fogs have also been detected on Mars. The largest free-convective clouds comprise the genus cumulonimbus, which have towering vertical extent. [127][128], Polar mesospheric clouds form at an extreme-level altitude range of about 80 to 85 km (50 to 53 mi). [72][75], Genus and species types are further subdivided into varieties whose names can appear after the species name to provide a fuller description of a cloud. When the wind and clouds encounter high elevation land features such as a vertically prominent islands, they can form eddies around the high land masses that give the clouds a twisted appearance. [91] This normally occurs with altostratus opacus, which can produce widespread but usually light precipitation, and with thicker clouds that show significant vertical development. These varieties are not always present with the genera and species with which they are otherwise associated, but only appear when atmospheric conditions favor their formation. Wind and Cloud, also known as Fung Wan and The Storm Riders, is a Taiwanese television series based on Hong Kong artist Ma Wing-shing's manhua series Fung Wan. Story features a mixture of fictional characters and real historical characters. Etymology. Low-level clouds do not have any altitude-related prefixes. [124][125], Polar stratospheric clouds (PSC's) form in the lowest part of the stratosphere during the winter, at the altitude and during the season that produces the coldest temperatures and therefore the best chances of triggering condensation caused by adiabatic cooling. The stratiformis species normally occur in extensive sheets or in smaller patches where there is only minimal convective activity. [133] Type II bands are long streaks that often occur in groups arranged roughly parallel to each other. [102], Although the local distribution of clouds can be significantly influenced by topography, the global prevalence of cloud cover in the troposphere tends to vary more by latitude. Wind ist eine deutsche Schlager-Band, die dreimal beim Eurovision Song Contest teilnahm und dabei zweimal den zweiten Platz belegte. Peter Essick/Getty Images. The Storm Riders is a 1998 Hong Kong wuxia fantasy film based on the manhua series Fung Wan by artist Ma Wing-shing.Directed by Andrew Lau, it starred Ekin Cheng as Wind and Aaron Kwok as Cloud. Fog is made up of tiny water droplets or, in very cold conditions, ice crystals. Clouds that form in the low level of the troposphere are generally of larger structure than those that form in the middle and high levels, so they can usually be identified by their forms and genus types using satellite photography alone.[40]. The tabular overview that follows is very broad in scope. [40], Nonvertical clouds in the middle level are prefixed by alto-, yielding the genus names altocumulus (Ac) for stratocumuliform types and altostratus (As) for stratiform types. [90], One group of supplementary features are not actual cloud formations, but precipitation that falls when water droplets or ice crystals that make up visible clouds have grown too heavy to remain aloft. When this happens, the original genus is called a mother cloud. In mountainous areas, heavy precipitation is possible where upslope flow is maximized … If these characteristics change over time, the genus tends to change accordingly. Low stratus is of the species nebulosus[73] except when broken up into ragged sheets of stratus fractus (see below). This results in the formation of embedded cumuliform buildups arising from a common stratiform base. [166] In the play, the Clouds change shape to reveal the true nature of whoever is looking at them,[167][166][168] turning into centaurs at the sight of a long-haired politician, wolves at the sight of the embezzler Simon, deer at the sight of the coward Cleonymus, and mortal women at the sight of the effeminate informer Cleisthenes. This table should not be seen as a strict or singular classification, but as an illustration of how various major cloud types are related to each other and defined through a full range of altitude levels from Earth's surface to the "edge of space. [31], Cumuliform clouds generally appear in isolated heaps or tufts. [40], Low clouds are found from near the surface up to 2,000 m (6,500 ft). Where to countdown Wind, Clouds and Rain air dates? [141], Both Jupiter and Saturn have an outer cirriform cloud deck composed of ammonia,[142][143] an intermediate stratiform haze-cloud layer made of ammonium hydrosulfide, and an inner deck of cumulus water clouds. 85 Baby Names That Mean Sky, Rain, Air, Wind, Or Cloud. Within these layers of the atmosphere, air can become saturated as a result of being cooled to its dew point or by having moisture added from an adjacent source. Wind, Clouds and Rain S01E01 720p HDTV AAC H.265-IXD. When will be Wind, Clouds and Rain next episode air date? Sightings are rare more than 45 degrees south of the north pole or north of the south pole. The variety radiatus is associated with cloud rows of a particular type that appear to converge at the horizon. By contrast, Howard used universally accepted Latin, which caught on quickly after it was published in 1803. [115] During daytime when the sun is relatively high in the sky, tropospheric clouds generally appear bright white on top with varying shades of grey underneath. Nonconvective stratiform clouds appear in stable airmass conditions and, in general, have flat, sheet-like structures that can form at any altitude in the troposphere. [106] Near the equator, increased cloudiness is due to the presence of the low-pressure Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) where very warm and unstable air promotes mostly cumuliform and cumulonimbiform clouds. [39] Multi-level clouds with significant vertical extent are separately listed and summarized in approximate ascending order of instability or convective activity. Wind, Clouds and Rain (바람과 구름과 비) Sunday, 10:45 PM 2020-05-17 0/10. [89], Another variety, duplicatus (closely spaced layers of the same type, one above the other), is sometimes found with cirrus of both the fibratus and uncinus species, and with altocumulus and stratocumulus of the species stratiformis and lenticularis. If enough moisture and upward motion is present, precipitation falls from convective clouds such as cumulonimbus which can organize into narrow rainbands. You'll see them whenever steady rain or snow is falling (or is forecast to fall) over a widespread area. Some cloud varieties are not restricted to a specific altitude level or form, and can therefore be common to more than one genus or species. [6] They are not common or widespread enough to have a significant effect on climate. [72] The species types are grouped below according to the physical forms and genera with which each is normally associated. When limited-resolution satellite images of high clouds are analysed without supporting data from direct human observations, distinguishing between individual forms or genus types becomes impossible, and they are then collectively identified as high-type (or informally as cirrus-type, though not all high clouds are of the cirrus form or genus). This drama is based on the novel “바람과 구름과 비 / Wind, Clouds, and Rain” by Lee Byung Joo which was published from 1977 to 1987 in the newspaper “The Chosun Ilbo”. [25] They are given below in approximate ascending order of instability or convective activity.[28]. Jang Da-hye (Korean: 장다혜; born August 9, 1991), better known by her stage name Heize, is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter and composer signed to Stone Music Entertainment. Nephology is the science of clouds, which is undertaken in the cloud physics branch of meteorology. Story features a mixture of fictional characters and real historical characters. Stratus cataractagenitus (Latin for 'cataract-made') are generated by the spray from waterfalls. The presence of a large-scale high-pressure subtropical ridge on each side of the equator reduces cloudiness at these low latitudes. Accessory clouds, by contrast, are generally detached from the main cloud. [30] Clouds resembling cirrus can be found above the troposphere but are classified separately using common names. These clouds can form as low as 2,000 m (6,500 ft) above surface at any latitude, but may be based as high as 4,000 m (13,000 ft) near the poles, 7,000 m (23,000 ft) at midlatitudes, and 7,600 m (25,000 ft) in the tropics. [92], The mamma feature forms on the bases of clouds as downward-facing bubble-like protuberances caused by localized downdrafts within the cloud. The full technical name of a cloud in this configuration would be altocumulus stratiformis radiatus perlucidus, which would identify respectively its genus, species, and two combined varieties. Howard was a methodical observer with a strong grounding in the Latin language, and used his background to classify the various tropospheric cloud types during 1802. The genus of a newly formed cloud is determined mainly by air mass characteristics such as stability and moisture content. Since a green/blue tint signifies copious amounts of water, a strong updraft to support it, high winds from the storm raining out, and wet hail; all elements that improve the chance for it to become severe, can all be inferred from this. Download Wind, Clouds, and Rain Subtitle Indonesia Download LINK Download and watch online Wind, Clouds, and Rain Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis Drama Korea Wind, Clouds, and Rain / Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny Drama ini berlatar belakang era Joseon, menceritakan seorang pembaca wajah (Fisiognomi) yang hebat bernama Choi Chun Joong (Park Shi Hoo). The supplementary feature cavum is a circular fall-streak hole that occasionally forms in a thin layer of supercooled altocumulus or cirrocumulus. [16], Along with adiabatic cooling that requires a lifting agent, three major nonadiabatic mechanisms exist for lowering the temperature of the air to its dew point. Low stratus clouds usually produce only light precipitation, but this always occurs as the feature praecipitatio due to the fact this cloud genus lies too close to the ground to allow for the formation of virga. [109], Divergence is the opposite of convergence. [28], High clouds form at altitudes of 3,000 to 7,600 m (10,000 to 25,000 ft) in the polar regions, 5,000 to 12,200 m (16,500 to 40,000 ft) in the temperate regions, and 6,100 to 18,300 m (20,000 to 60,000 ft) in the tropics. [6], Cloud cover has been seen on most other planets in the Solar System. [136], Distribution in the mesosphere is similar to the stratosphere except at much higher altitudes. Tämä tiedosto on lisensoitu Creative Commons Nimeä-JaaSamoin 3.0 Ei sovitettu-lisenssillä. These clouds grow and eventually create rain. First and foremost, they are the source of precipitation, thereby greatly influencing the distribution and amount of precipitation. If the cloud of droplets is dense enough to form droplets greater than 1/10 mm in diameter through this process, the droplets survive the fall through the air below the cloud, despite evaporation, and reach the ground as rain. Title: Wind and Cloud - Conquer the World (HDTV) Episode 1 - 1 Description: Clouds of this structure have both cumuliform and stratiform characteristics in the form of rolls, ripples, or elements. Nevertheless, it was the first known work that attempted to treat a broad range of meteorological topics in a systematic way, especially the hydrological cycle. Cirrus spissatus appear as opaque patches that can show light grey shading. These clouds have low- to mid-level bases that form anywhere from near the surface to about 2,400 m (8,000 ft) and tops that can extend into the mid-altitude range and sometimes higher in the case of nimbostratus. On Earth, clouds are formed as a result of saturation of the air when it is cooled to its dew point, or when it gains sufficient moisture (usually in the form of water vapor) from an adjacent source to raise the dew point to the ambient temperature. The cumulus genus includes four species that indicate vertical size and structure which can affect both forms and levels. At these wavelengths, however, water in the clouds acts as an efficient absorber. [164], In the ancient Greek comedy The Clouds, written by Aristophanes and first performed at the City Dionysia in 423 BC, the philosopher Socrates declares that the Clouds are the only true deities[166] and tells the main character Strepsiades not to worship any deities other than the Clouds, but to pay homage to them alone. The latter are sometimes referred to as the horse latitudes. This is a diffuse, dark grey, multi-level stratiform layer with great horizontal extent and usually moderate to deep vertical development that looks feebly illuminated from the inside. Cirriform clouds in the troposphere are of the genus cirrus and have the appearance of detached or semimerged filaments. A green colorization occurs mostly late in the day when the sun is comparatively low in the sky and the incident sunlight has a reddish tinge that appears green when illuminating a very tall bluish cloud. They may also reflect the colors of large fires, city lights, or auroras that might be present. March 25th - Wind and Rain sign Tense, atikan, dom, entz, lauti, and cZeeerr as the manager. Venus's thick clouds are composed of sulfur dioxide (due to volcanic activity) and appear to be almost entirely stratiform. Its brightness may also be affected by the presence of haze or photometeors such as halos and rainbows. [66], With highly unstable atmospheric conditions, large cumulus may continue to grow into even more strongly convective cumulonimbus calvus (essentially a very tall congestus cloud that produces thunder), then ultimately into the species capillatus when supercooled water droplets at the top of the cloud turn into ice crystals giving it a cirriform appearance. [75][84][85], Supplementary features and accessory clouds are not further subdivisions of cloud types below the species and variety level. They are seen infrequently, mostly in the polar regions of Earth. Fall streaks consisting of virga or wisps of cirrus are usually seen beneath the hole as ice crystals fall out to a lower altitude. [28], Of the non-convective stratiform group, high-level cirrostratus comprises two species. When these clouds begin to break, it is an indication that a cold front is passing. [119][120] However, the cooling effect is dominant with mid-level and low clouds, especially when they form in extensive sheets. Habagat, the Tagalog god of winds and also referred to as the god of rain… But Ep 3 is really fun to watch. Ep 2 is so dark and tragic. [61] The nimbo- prefix refers to its ability to produce continuous rain or snow over a wide area, especially ahead of a warm front. However, due to their different temperature characteristics, they are often composed of other substances such as methane, ammonia, and sulfuric acid, as well as water. High clouds form from 10,000 to 25,000 ft (3,000 to 8,000 m) in cold places, 16,500 to 40,000 ft (5,000 to 12,000 m) in mild regions and 20,000 to 60,000 ft (6,000 to 18,000 m) in the very hot tropics. [62] This thick cloud layer lacks any towering structure of its own, but may be accompanied by embedded towering cumuliform or cumulonimbiform types. If the cloud is sufficiently large and the droplets within are spaced far enough apart, a percentage of the light that enters the cloud is not reflected back out but is absorbed giving the cloud a darker look. They are seen in the Earth's homosphere, which includes the troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere. Opacity-based varieties are not applied to high clouds because they are always translucent, or in the case of cirrus spissatus, always opaque. [5] This system covered only the tropospheric cloud types, but the discovery of clouds above the troposphere during the late 19th century eventually led to the creation of separate classification schemes using common names for these very high clouds, which were still broadly similar to some cloud forms identified in the troposphere.[6]. No embedded cumuliform types have been identified, but broken stratocumuliform wave formations are sometimes seen in the top layer that reveal more continuous layer clouds underneath. Genus types with sufficient vertical extent to occupy more than one level do not carry any altitude related prefixes. However mid-level stratiform and stratocumuliform types are given the prefix alto- while high-level variants of these same two forms carry the prefix cirro-. These are sometimes known as type 2. In October 2013, the detection of high altitude optically thick clouds in the atmosphere of exoplanet Kepler-7b was announced,[158][159] and, in December 2013, in the atmospheres of GJ 436 b and GJ 1214 b. [15], A third source of lift is wind circulation forcing air over a physical barrier such as a mountain (orographic lift). [75][85] Supplementary features, whether in the form of clouds or precipitation, are directly attached to the main genus-cloud. By this process of accumulation, the space between droplets becomes increasingly larger, permitting light to penetrate farther into the cloud. Is Wind, Clouds and Rain worth watching? [101] Wind driven clouds can form into parallel rows that follow the wind direction. Contrails formed from the exhaust of aircraft flying in the upper level of the troposphere can persist and spread into formations resembling cirrus which are designated cirrus homogenitus. However, if … The series was first broadcast on CTV in Taiwan in 2002, and was followed by Wind and Cloud 2 in 2004. Weather Inspired Baby Names For Girls: 1.Alizeh: Alizeh is a beautiful Persian name, meaning 'wind. Learn about wind and weather with this Clouds and Rain Weather Windsock Craft. But in a warmer climate, higher temperatures would tend to evaporate clouds. [134] Type III billows are arrangements of closely spaced, roughly parallel short streaks that mostly resemble cirrus. Clouds have been observed in the atmospheres of other planets and moons in the Solar System and beyond. [138] On Mars, noctilucent, cirrus, cirrocumulus and stratocumulus composed of water-ice have been detected mostly near the poles. [148][149][150][151][152][153] Saturn's moon Titan has cirrus clouds believed to be composed largely of methane. [107] Clouds of virtually any type can form along the mid-latitude convergence zones depending on the stability and moisture content of the air. In general, small cumuliform clouds tend to indicate comparatively weak instability. Cirrostratus nebulosus has a rather diffuse appearance lacking in structural detail. Besides being identified as precipitating nimbus or not, clouds are classified by their appearance – layered (“stratus”), heaped (“cumulus”) or a combination thereof – and by their altitude. Conversely, low stratiform clouds result when advection fog is lifted above surface level during breezy conditions. Without the support of human observations, these clouds are usually collectively identified as middle-type on satellite images. However, a thick dense ice-crystal cloud appears brilliant white with pronounced grey shading because of its greater reflectivity. Most of the sunlight that reaches the ground is absorbed, warming the surface, which emits radiation upward at longer, infrared, wavelengths. [12], Frontal and cyclonic lift occur when stable air is forced aloft at weather fronts and around centers of low pressure by a process called convergence. [25][26] These are cross-classified into a total of ten genus types, most of which can be divided into species and further subdivided into varieties which are at the bottom of the hierarchy. It is occasionally seen with cirrocumulus and altocumulus of the species stratiformis, castellanus, and floccus, and with stratocumulus of the species stratiformis and castellanus. (Source: Viki) ~~ Adapted from the novel "Wind and Clouds and Rain," by Lee Byung Joo which was serialized in a national newspaper between 1977 and 1987. Red, orange, and pink clouds occur almost entirely at sunrise/sunset and are the result of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere. The bottom of the cloud grows dark with water about to fall. [60][63] Meteorologists affiliated with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) officially classify nimbostratus as mid-level for synoptic purposes while informally characterizing it as multi-level. They are respectively filaments twisted into irregular shapes, and those that are arranged in fishbone patterns, usually by uneven wind currents that favor the formation of these varieties. Larger cumuliform types are a sign of greater atmospheric instability and convective activity. 17 : Tong Says: May 28th, 2020 at 8:23 am. [58] Nimbostratus normally forms from mid-level altostratus, and develops at least moderate vertical extent[59][60] when the base subsides into the low level during precipitation that can reach moderate to heavy intensity. This process of reflection/absorption is what causes the range of cloud color from white to black. Altostratus appear as gray or bluish-gray sheets of cloud that partially or totally cover the sky at mid-levels. The major cause of rain production is moisture moving along three-dimensional zones of temperature and moisture contrasts known as weather fronts. According to his label, Better Ent , "It's true that he was given an offer for 'Wind and Cloud and Rain'. The altitude, form, and thickness of the clouds are the main factors that affect the local heating or cooling of Earth and the atmosphere. Drama Fantasy History Romance. Noctilucent clouds may occasionally take on more of a red or orange hue. Showers of moderate to heavy intensity can fall from cumulus congestus clouds. They are sometimes seen with cirrus, cirrocumulus, altocumulus, and stratocumulus. It is sometimes seen with the fibratus and uncinus species of cirrus, the stratiformis species of altocumulus and stratocumulus, the mediocris and sometimes humilis species of cumulus,[87][88] and with the genus altostratus. Moisture is scarce in the stratosphere, so nacreous and non-nacreous cloud at this altitude range is restricted to polar regions in the winter where the air is coldest. High thin tropospheric clouds reflect less light because of the comparatively low concentration of constituent ice crystals or supercooled water droplets which results in a slightly off-white appearance. They may have the appearance of stratiform veils or sheets, cirriform wisps, or stratocumuliform bands or ripples. They are classified formally as low- or mid-level depending on the altitude at which each initially forms, and are also more informally characterized as multi-level or vertical. He believed that the changing cloud forms in the sky could unlock the key to weather forecasting. [112] In the troposphere, dense, deep clouds exhibit a high reflectance (70% to 95%) throughout the visible spectrum. Stratocumulus stratiformis perlucidus before sunset. [90] An accessory cloud recently officially recognized the World meteorological Organization is the flumen, also known more informally as the beaver's tail. Tropospheric clouds can have a direct effect on climate change on Earth. One example of this is stratocumulus cumulogenitus, a stratocumulus cloud formed by the partial spreading of a cumulus type when there is a loss of convective lift. These shape-less clouds often blanket the entire sky making for a gloomy day. [59][72][75], The species fractus shows variable instability because it can be a subdivision of genus-types of different physical forms that have different stability characteristics. [165] In Exodus 13:21–22, Yahweh is described as guiding the Israelites through the desert in the form of a "pillar of cloud" by day and a "pillar of fire" by night. [59][72][75], Cirriform clouds have three non-convective species that can form in stable airmass conditions. [64][65], These very large cumuliform and cumulonimbiform types have cloud bases in the same low- to mid-level range as the multi-level and moderate vertical types, but the tops nearly always extend into the high levels.
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