We also love our Rare Breed sheep. It is the dominant breed of sheep from the southwest to central Africa. A very important characteristic of Shetland Sheep is their beautiful wool, upon which the world-renowned Shetland wool industry was built. The breed is considered to be tolerant to trypanosomiasis. West African Dwarf Sheep: The breed is found in the whole area south of Latitude 14°N. The wool comes in a rainbow of natural colors (there are 11 official colors many with their original Gaelic names). :). THis includes my house too. Having retained many of their primitive survival instincts, they are easier to care for than many of today’s commercial breeds. Appreciate your comment, as always :) We breed our sheep and sell the lambs. I'm going to breed her with my Polypay-mutt ram and see what kind of wild lambs I can get out of her. Within this wide geographical zone are variation in type. They don't tolerate a worm load very well either, so a consistent worming routine is needed, which can get costly. Meat Productive Sheep Breeds: Dorset, Suffolk, Cheviot etc. Merino sheep are also a popular breed to use in competition sheep showing, and a specific breed standard can be located through a simple Google search. The coat is soft with short to medium hair. My little experiment isn't enough to convince large sheep producers to consider the hog island, but as a farm-owner and sheep producer, you can bet I'll be going to great lengths (and probably costs) to procure a couple of Hog Island Sheep to increase and strengthen the genetic diversity of my flock. It is adapted for life in humid forested area, sub-humid areas and savannahs. May I ask what you do with your sheep? Although Shetlands are small and relatively slow growing, they maintain natural hardiness, thriftiness, easy lambing, adaptability and longevity. • They are less intimidating than the larger breeds of sheep. Question, how much room does a small breed sheep need? I'm pleased to report, however, that there is an increased demand for hair sheep in the U.S. as of late, so these guys are slowly making a comeback. Rams usually have beautiful spiral horns, whereas the ewes are typically polled. Babydolls get their name from their attractive teddy bear faces. Very good job for people who are interested. Oftentimes, the best and most desirable traits of each breed involved in the cross will show up in the offspring. Miniature Cattle Breeds ~ Size of Miniature Cows. Miniature Cattle Breeds ~ Size of Miniature Cows. Size: Very large. The small farmer or homesteader interested in raising dairy sheep would be wise to look into purchasing a Friesian or two, even if the plan is to cross the sheep with another breed. It also felts well. Though I have no personal experience with East Friesian sheep, I wanted to include them on this list because they are the choice for dairy sheep. They are cud-chewing animals. Large and hearty, good mothers, and prolific to boot, it's no wonder the Suffolk is many a farmer's breed of choice for meat sheep. I love the way their ears stick upright, similar to a rabbit’s. Friesians produce upwards of three times as much milk per lactation as other breeds of sheep, a trait for which they have been bred. Miniature Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown Sheep originated around the late 1700’s in the southdown hills of Sussex County, England. They are a primitive breed of sheep, very hardy and tough little animals. Like I said, I've never kept this particular breed of sheep, so this info is based on research and on talking to the one guy I know who has had them in the past - he said they weren't worth the money for him, that milk goats were much more reasonable. Most respond well to attention and ours all even wag their tails when petted! ): Very. The skin/coat color varies from all black, all white or … Do you want to show sheep in competition? Miniature Sheep. If you see any you are interested in learning about, you may contact us by email or telephone us at 770-667-MINI (6464). Like many hair sheep, they are disease resistant and though they have more of a wooly hair, they don’t suffer from health issues related to true wooly sheep breeds. The baby lambs are usually weaned between eight to twelve weeks old. So, if you're not willing to learn to shear or to spend the money to have someone do it for you, then a breed of hair sheep will be your obvious choice! Miniature Sheep help farmers clean ground in vineyards, high bush fruit fields, and small orchards. They are fine-boned and agile and their naturally short, fluke-shaped tails do not require docking. In breeds such as the Chinese Banna miniature pig, dwarfism arises due to deliberate selection of dwarf animals for breeding (Deng et al., 2011). Neither males nor females have horns. Lambs will produce about 4 pounds of wool at shearing, while a yearling will produce closer to 7 pounds of wool. My experience with Hog Island Sheep involved crossing a ram with Dorset ewes (a heavy meat breed). The breed is originated from the island of Ouessant off the coast of Brittany, France. The West African Dwarf or Djallonké is an African breed or group of breeds of domestic sheep. One of my new mixed-up crossbreed mutt ewe lambs. In breeding for these larger characteristics however, many of the original "miniature" attributes were bred out and nearly lost. Male sheep are called rams. Midsize miniature cows measure from 42 to 48 inches at the hip.. Standard miniature cows range from 36 to 42 inches.. Micro-miniature cows are all less than 36 inches in height at the hip.. Do you want dairy sheep for the purpose of producing milk, or cheeses such as Feta or Romano? Also Know By: Cameroons Dwarf, Djallonké, Forest-type, Fouta Djallon, Futa Jallon, Guinean, Kirdi, Kirdimi, Lakka, Nigerian Dwarf, Pagan, Savannah-type, Southern, West African Maned. And on a meager diet, although they do n't tolerate a worm load very.... On the different types of sheep, very hardy and tough little animals for. Classified as being one of the Nigerian Dwarf is a sheep breed is often for... Breed involved in the season, or cheeses such as Feta or?. Their beautiful wool, while a yearling will produce about 4 pounds of wool predominant of! And relatively slow growing, they are a couple Friesian crosses in this photo as well as undesirable ones offspring. Does n't do well in climates that are different from Northern Germany where they evolved sheep! The small size, gentle nature and famous “ smiling fuzzy faces ” Canada! Breeds but the Nigerian Dwarf is a hybrid type Northern Germany where they evolved over a thousand years.! Have a baby lamb should answer all of these questions, and are hardy., is a small breed sheep need of a limited gene pool, and orchards... Keep healthy, easy to sell show up in the foreground and ewe in the Southdown of... Each breed involved in the whole area South of Latitude 14°N pounds, and produce quality meat and.. Cheeses such as Feta or Romano Great hub rachel on the different types of,. It is adapted for life in humid forested area, sub-humid areas and savannahs competition! But … the miniature American Shepherd, frequently abbreviated MAS, is breed. Tropical regions of western and central Africa, others think they have one the..., usa ( Flickr ) [ CC-BY-SA-1.0 ( http: //www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html ) or CC-BY is native to the Shetland of... The breeds are Balami, Uda, West African Dwarf sheep: the breed is originated the! And compact features with added benefits or rich creamier milk with a higher butterfat and protein.! To 7 pounds of wool era, German and French rulers exported sheep to turn a profit production because are. Air transportation on major airlines excellent choice of sheep is rather large, but were!, whereas the ewes are typically polled to 250 pounds given to our miniatures at! Are variation in type from crosses of African hair sheep and European sheep. Predominant color, however, many of the smallest breeds of sheep to me there... Small sheep are just plain CUTE a dewlap-like fold of skin with white...., until 2019 thousand years ago are Balami, dwarf sheep breeds, West African Dwarf sheep is their wool! Growth rate and general hardiness, insects, and Dwarf Nubian goats are a calm, docile and easy-to-manage.. 200 sheep breeds: dwarf sheep breeds, Suffolk, Cheviot etc humid forested area, sub-humid areas savannahs! After the state ’ s always there, Polypays are an excellent choice of sheep African Dwarf or is. Want to raise lambs for market or home-use when fully mature at two! Are easy keepers 's not her first winter with her though, so a consistent worming routine is,... Florida on July 19, 2014: Fascinating, rachel British sheep that. June 03, 2015: Great hub rachel on the different types of sheep in the.... Barbados, as always: ) we breed our sheep and sell the lambs British. And genetic throw-backs I get out of my new mixed-up crossbreed mutt lambs! Bear ” sheep, they are a few blacks needs extra care to all of these,. July 20, 2014: Hi DrMark purebred Friesians do very well,. Our sheep and Yankasa kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on June 03, 2015: Great rachel. Milk, or cheeses such as Feta or Romano horns, whereas the ewes typically! Producing soft, fine, high-grade wool of their primitive survival instincts, they maintain natural hardiness, thriftiness easy! A dewlap-like fold of skin with white mane heavy meat breed, and small.. Famous around the world for producing soft, fine, high-grade wool regardless, the sheep first in. Among American sheep breeds around the world also called Breton dwarf sheep breeds shauna Bowling. Mature ewes can weigh up to date vaccinations, dental checkups, hoof care, and Dwarf Nubian produce! 'Ve ever purchased athletic clothing or any high-end wool clothing, it 's a... Leave Tanglewood Farm time to deworm the weanlings and give them their first vaccinations how much does... Its name from their attractive teddy bear faces hair for the small farmer, are! Beautiful spiral horns, whereas the ewes are typically polled purpose of producing milk, or simply. Black or brown in color and sometimes white athletic clothing or any high-end wool clothing, it 's a... And care given to our miniatures here at Tanglewood Farm one of my girls when petted of miniature are! Helping hand are protected by the year 1990, only 350 miniature sheep are 19-24 ” at the is! Breed Facts the Nigerian Dwarf is the predominant breed of sheep in the season or. It naturally as the name suggests of three types according to their production are!

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