Shits for real yo. Kitten dun got ate. Burmese pythons are among world’s largest snakes (public domain) The footage called “Python Christmas” highlights a sicko guy in his 20s holding a playful cat in a Santa hat and then dropping it on a bed. by Viewed 42k times 6. 61 Carpet Python Kills Cat . If Manny doesn't exist, why are there three hands in the 'Python Christmas' video? if you watched Dont Fuck With Cats let me save you hours on reddit: the other hands in the python video are the python’s owner. “My son had phoned me and told me. By: w4chi (8614.50) Tags: carpet python,cat. The three-part docuseries details the gruesome and grizzly crimes of Canadian animal abuser and murderer, Luka Rocco Magnotta. The Latest Racist Karen Proves Not All Of Them Are Middle-Aged White Women By . He posts these animal abuse videos to bring attention to himself. Phone catches fire in man's pocket . The film’s main character, Catherine Tramell, had an abusive ex-fiance called Manny Vásquez. Is Luka Magnotta about to break his silence? or better yet feed him alive to the snake. Send Private Message; Browse All Posts (1,247) Block; Blocked; Member Level 13 Gamer. In particular, people have questioned Manny’s existence based solely on the appearance of a second set of hands in Luka’s Python Christmas video. if he wants to feed a cat to a snake then let him, I feed mine mice and rabbits... they have to eat also. Writing on the wall of a closet in the apartment where Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, also known as Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov, lived in, in Montreal May 31, 2012. Grow up people, its a cat, which to a snake is food... deal with it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AnimalRights community. The six-foot snake took over an hour to swallow the neighbourhood moggie after squeezing the life out of the luckless family pet in its powerful coils. Thus making ourselves even worse than some attention whore? RSS. 2/12. People feed live mice to snakes and no one cares. What is the problem? If Python behaved as you are asking and raised the exception, it would be breaking the contract of the "finally" clause (because it would fail to return the value you told it to return)., — Callum Madill (@callumSmadill) December 23, 2019. Thankfully, John Green from the Facebook group saw everyone’s confusion over the hands and set the record straight. Viewer discretion advised. “We hoped to get this longer video as we think it will show who the second person is, but we couldn’t locate the longer video.”. report. Member since: Aug. 27, 2011. “In this longer video, you can see the python was kept inside a closet and brought out,” John shared in the Find The Kitten Vacuumer Facebook group. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 10 months ago. Michelle Rennex, Culture Police eventually decided that Manny never existed and was simply an alibi Luka created to protect him from the consequences of his crimes. Because there is another video where he drowns a cat in a bath tub. “One of the female neighbours admitted to being the other person in the video, but did not know a kitten was going to be killed,” John concluded. Ok so 2 unanswered Qs from Don�t F**k with Cats: 1. Using cat command in Python for printing. Once the kitten’s tail stops flapping the snake swallows her whole — head first. Pauline Hanson Let Her Domain Expire So Now It Redirects To The Least Pauline Hanson Place Rare photo of Luka Magnotta and Manny #DontFkWithCats, — Sarah Nicholass (@Sarah_Niks) December 19, 2019. Mark Hodge; Jan 20 2020, 8:05 ET; Updated: Jan 20 2020, 9:20 ET; A CANNIBAL killer is engaged to be married after falling in love with another murderer on a dating website for prisoners. who tf was that. actually, if you want to know the truth, whenever you pour any regular cheap pet food in your cat or dogs dish you're feeding them dead kitties and puppies from shelters all across the USA. New video with better sound: Serial Kitten Killer - Luka Magnotta - Reward Offered, More pics and info: !’, ok maybe I missed something but in Dont Fuck With Cats they determine Manny isn’t a real person but did they ever touch back on the other set of hands in the python video he made??? Joseph Earp, Culture CW: Discussion of animal abuse and murder. Ask Question Asked 11 years, 11 months ago. #DontFkWithCats still not over this documentary. or better yet feed him alive to the snake.". The … by Now if you’ve watched Don’t Fuck With Cats, you’ll know that Luka’s defence in his criminal case was a man named Manny. I believe this is the same person named Luka Magnotta who killed 2 kittens last year. ... regardless of exceptions. Unsurprisingly, one person who truly believes in the Manny theory is Anna Yourkin, Luka’s mother. I could go on, but seriously. Posted by Luka Magnotta Information on August 15, 2008. While people accept that Manny may have been fake, they’re confused by Netflix choosing not to explain who the hands belonged to. Netflix's new true crime documentary portrays the chilling murder of Lin Jun . Then the python pounces, instantly coiling around the cat in a death grip. So, I’m assuming that that hand is Manny Lopez’s hand. Carl Meyer Carl Meyer. So there you have it, Manny is still fake and there’s probably a snake handler or neighbour out there feeling pretty guilty right now. The shocking true story that inspired Don't F*** With Cats on Netflix. Luka told police that the reason he killed on camera was because Manny forced him to so the videos could be sold on the dark web. A hunt has been launched for a sadistic pet owner who filmed himself feeding a kitten to a python. John explained that the original python video posted to LiveLeak was nine minutes long, but was deleted before anyone could download it. Michelle Rennex, Culture Somewhere under a pillow was resting a Burmese python known as one of world’s biggest snakes which can reach up to 6 meter in length. Canadian Luka Magnotta, who ate his victim's body with a knife and fork, met his new lover on a dating website for convicted felons.

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