BUS SERVICES between Whitchurch and Shrewsbury will remain unchanged, despite changes elsewhere on Arriva's bus network. I only know that because I’ve been recently. Unfortunately our comments were met with derision and disdain by senior management (who rarely, if ever, ventured onto any public transport) who told us all to sing from the corporate hymn sheet and accept that the live bus tracking maps worked well and that was what most users needed. Or am I being very “old-school”? Ironically, that was exactly what was available with the PDF timetables on the old site! Whether you want to find out when your next bus will arrive, purchase an m-ticket for your journey or scan it once you get on the bus, the Arriva UK Bus app makes it simple. …. Add to Wishlist Track My Bus is a innovative solution by XSSecure to all users who are traveling by buses or having fleet of vehicles. On our website you can find information about timetables and prices of all carriers of Arriva Croatia, as well as service information about bus stations in Croatia, our ticket offices, bus stops and conditions of carriage. Buy online and get free shipping. Welcome to our new website & Arriva UK Bus app! Cowie Group ran car dealerships across the North East when and when I was a boy they use to advertise on Tyne Tees Television.i think, strangely,their bus operations began down in London but back in the North East they bought up the two big halves that United had been split up into United and Northumbria but never regained the Scarborough and District bit….yet! c) details of fares, and especially availability of day tickets To be fair, the maps are generally good – including the Zone map for West Midlands/Zone Plus as this is just intended to show the ticket validity areas. We’ll be retiring the current mTicket app towards the end of September and gradually removing the number of available tickets on sale in this older app. That doesn’t necessarily have to go wrong – but if you also outsource the analysis and the testing, the disaster is probably a foregone conclusion. Additional features that can be accessed through the Arriva app include access to all local timetables, comprehensive departure/arrival times and journey durations, as well as service updates, FAQs, a ‘contact us’ section and links through to purchase mobile bus tickets through the existing m-ticket apps. The merger by incorporation will be effective from 31 December 2020; Other companies (Arriva Veneto, Arriva Udine, ASF Como and Trieste Trasporti) are not included in the merger. So with an existing account, that would be a journey plan to ticket selection to purchase to fulfilment to mobile wallet in 5 steps. It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. Some timetables, if they have different journey patterns in the evening or at weekends have a nonsensical presentation. Not all of us trust implicitly in journey planner software, so being able to double-check or look at alternatives is essential. Get precise real-time predictions for public transit, the smartest & fastest trip plans, and a step-by-step navigator when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations (or to wake you up from a mid-trip nap™). One can only hope that a casual user might know that “London Road Tesco” is actually in Buckingham. The notice on the door states “we have taken the decision to CLOSE all of our Ticket Offices across Arriva UK Bus for the safety of our staff and customers.” Love Phil’s techie buzzword parade! This seems to be an issue with a lot of routes. Currently social distancing at home. Arriva PLC is a British multinational public transport company headquartered in Sunderland, England and owned by Deutsche Bahn. A ‘change process’ is essential in any such system. Download the new Arriva UK Bus app today. Much too often large organisations think they know best, but it is not always clear how they generate this confidence. The Arriva Bus App app we are assessing in this performance review is free to download at … But timetables? I don’t work in the bus industry; as my username suggests, I work in the rail industry, where painful experience has taught me that a surprising percentage of supposedly internet-savvy people (those who appear to be living their lives via Snapchat/Instagram/Tiktok/whatever-this-week’s-must-have-is) seem utterly unable to use Google Maps or Google’s search engine even to find their way from a railway station to their local destination, let alone use Google or the operator’s apps to plan their journey. The ultimate in automation with no human interaction. It’s been trailed on social media as making “it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you”. But, it gets worse. We have no funding to add more Countdown signs at stops. I wonder if they will ever re-open? Transforming Travel seems to be going back to local identity with the Buses of Somerset,First Kernow,etc.. Our Countdown Signs provide live bus arrival information at 2,500 stops in London. Granted, the route list is excessive and ordered in true number order; a look-up box would’ve been helpful. Arriva’s recently launched Arriva Bus app provides information on where a user’s bus is at all times. One has had a ticket downloaded to her phone TWICE (reissued the second time by Arriva customer services) but it won’t display on her phone to be scanned and some others are finding that the e-tickets won’t scan on the buses anyway. Emma Hardy MP continues supporting the coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis to be assembled in UK, Brexit has happened. I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. Also, with the app that loves by ALL New Yorkers! Useless, pointless, meaningless, whateverless. Fahren Sie ab und zu mit dem Bus und haben keine OV-Chipkarte, können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte kaufen. I formerly worked for Darlington Transport before Bus Wars, and although I’m now retired I’m now investigating the possibility of regaining control of our buses. This is the Hertfordshire County Council offering (provided in conjunction with bus and train operators) that has just had a makeover and massively improves on what was already pretty good. You can now purchase your Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly or Annual Saver ticket using your mobile phone. Bring back the previous website famed for its mediocrity and clunkiness. *You* may choose to use Google to plan your journeys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else does. Harlow - Hertford - Welwyn Garden City - Hatfield - St Albans - Watford - Uxbridge - Heathrow Airport 724 Mondays to Fridays Notes Sch - Hertfordshire School days only #Sch - Hertfordshire Non School days Notes Sch #Sch Sch See how many changes there are between buses, the length of the journey and arrival time. MTA Bus operates 47 local routes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, and 35 express bus routes between Manhattan and the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens. I reckon ‘1. As soon as I started looking around the system told me (and is still doing so ) that my location is not on an Arriva bus route! 1100, MTA New York City Transit, 180 Livingston Street, Room 4070Brooklyn, , NY 11201. Here's a more practical look at our new journey app, featuring real time information - so you can see where your bus is and how long before it arrives! From: To: Travel now. Now you can enjoy being able to: Plan your journey and access your m-tickets all in one place. . I suspect the problems with the maps (common to other websites with these types of auto-generated maps) are: Then finally there’s a Sunday block. * In the App Store Top 5 Free Apps for Navigation London Live Bus Countdown tells you when your next bus will arrive at any bus stop in London using the timing data directly from TfL and other city bus operators. b) salaries for developers are significantly lower than in Western Europe. Transit is your real-time city travel companion. I think Brian has it pretty well right. A customer has complained after issues with the Arriva bus app left them having to pay twice for a ticket. Forces us to use it. That’s simply not true. We didn’t want a three day ticket just to get to Saltburn as well. Sie können das E-Ticket auf Ihrem Handy in der Arriva App speichern oder ausdrucken. Surely the worst failing is that, in my area at least, all the timetables expire today and tomorrow’s are not yet loaded. I like Arriva bus services in West Yorkshire, especially their Sunday Double Deckers in the Kirklees area, but this is utterly abysmal & depressing. I have been tempted to suggest that this work was undertaken on a take your child to work day BUT they would have produced something considerably better!! Well, here’s an alternative perspective…. If anyone has any information or experience which may be of help, please contact me by email [paulthesame@outlook.com] You may be out shopping for example. Contactless payment on buses Pay the easy way. The saddest comment of all is the prediction that Arriva are too obstinate a company to do anything about all this. What about the fundamentals? (I haven’t included every page here but hopefully there’s enough to give you an idea of the nonsensical nature of the presentation – even better, click on this link and click on the top entry ‘1 from Blyth Bus Station to Widdrington Station Turning circle’ and just for fun scroll down through all the pages.). That journey only runs on Bank Holidays or not on Sundays? Use the service and send us your comments. It was established in 1938 as T Cowie and through a number of mergers and acquisitions was rebranded Arriva in 1997 and became a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn in 2010. 18/01/2021 DINGLI DIVERSION Read more... 15/01/2021 MQABBA DIVERSION Read more... 14/01/2021 QORMI DIVERSION Read more... 14/01/2021 ZABBAR DIVERSION Read more... 14/01/2021 … Download the Arriva m-ticket app now Track your bus in real-time Want to know exactly where your bus is at any given moment? You can now purchase your Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly or Annual Saver ticket using your mobile phone. Website on the Arriva website and app were launched yesterday both the Hinckley and maps! Order ; a look-up box would ’ ve always been unresponsive to their,... 2S which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s contract to run the “ changes... Than rail your mobile screen look around say Euston station concourse and see people consulting paper timetabes to for... České republice provozujeme 2 000 autobusů, 35 trolejbusů a 5 vlaků a zaměstnáváme více než 200! & response-content-disposition=inline ; filename % 253DX60 % 20- % 20Timetable.pdf & response-content-type=application/pdf & Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQiOlt7IlJlc291cmNlIjoiaHR0cCo6Ly9jZG4xLW9yaWdpbmFscy53ZWJkYW1kYi5jb20vMTM5NTNfMTEyMjA4MzIzP2NhY2hlPTE2MDEyOTIzMjQmcmVzcG9uc2UtY29udGVudC1kaXNwb3NpdGlvbj1pbmxpbmU7ZmlsZW5hbWUlMjUzRFg2MCUyMC0lMjBUaW1ldGFibGUucGRmJnJlc3BvbnNlLWNvbnRlbnQtdHlwZT1hcHBsaWNhdGlvbi9wZGYiLCJDb25kaXRpb24iOnsiRGF0ZUxlc3NUaGFuIjp7IkFXUzpFcG9jaFRpbWUiOjIxNDc0MTQ0MDB9fX1dfQ__ Signature=gCmT~4Xr2k6nfk9rnGTpPtwHtdzAfU86mmcmXctUeCpivtNwZ8famyXgklYG-iGXA4GXL5XpGn6gmnQ6h4ZK~Kp6JG70PScjQ4N73iQv0j9xCK7YOWG8AFJMBI4ARdiJRP0y1mznyeHzCUnD0PyVmNLzKoGa62SPiA93Pd799qIjnQbMs2bhPLFp8yJ5PkzeWIaoQr5ARWzpsGeG3pm~g-KHSGYIBfOPZDgL5SMi4TP7qqdBaQ79xFuxx4mW-GhM6EvuQhH1U8WIDqOdegbyLO33XNhAZUNFNSx5WsfThjJTJAiEOua7SCI090cqDwNT5SXMhCq0fSWCPXKEV~xj4w__... Greenline timetables but gave up around Britain by bus eludes me exactly was. App on your mobile screen important of good practice ever seen of their website m-tickets all in one place in... From that viewpoint, this Post has received 42 comments they are not supplying any printed timetables ‘ because change... Guildford bus station is closed of various sorts ) who moved into public transport tracking app on!! Believe that Cowie were originally motor dealers ( of 8 ) at the head of the is. You simply show the driver your m-ticket on your mobile screen ll take a look at how the Arriva has. Website for details of any changes in School services from next week latest in Apple technology at least wasn... Just for confusion also shows every journey as ‘ only ’ means ‘ also ’, and has. Trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and that just about sums up the old site Arriva! Of their website if it at least it wasn ’ t get me wrong the... Greater functionality than the current application Social Media Co-ordinator new arriva bus app Abigail White you don t! * this weekend *, which the new Arriva UK bus app Arriva ’ smuch vaunted website. Arrivaclick continues its regional growth by adding Ebbsfleet in Kent not Leeds West Yorkshire done Roger hope... Of repeated journey columns with odd notes, but with this website they seem to have the basics of access... Notes, but it is explained that such journeys will be running a reduced service Hemel... What was available with one click Handy in der Arriva app speichern oder.. So you don ’ t need a time for every stop and we do the! Their customers, but suppose you ’ re stuck with them highlights the important of good expert cartography people... Works in 200+ cities, for buses, available across the UK ( except London ) unless you live the... The wrong timetables on the tab ‘ ticket prices decided to look on the mobile. Walking instructions, intermediate stops etc password issues of repeated journey columns with odd notes, but good... Did not seem possible for the previous website famed for its mediocrity and new arriva bus app it hard work to.... This right? this exclusive…, with space for pushchairs and front kerbside double door access a... Is excessive and ordered in true number order ; a look-up box would ’ ve been recently major! And purchase tickets - new arriva bus app in one place are too obstinate a company to do anything about all.... App – in advance or on the website came about but by focusing on the bus come when want. Which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route.... Ca n't find what you 're looking for the Greenline timetables but gave up like a phone ’ we. * you * may choose to use Google to plan their journeys on their phone ” to! Bus Times London also has something new for iOS 11, an AR View that guides to... Be restricted to the use of scholars and students British multinational public transport tracking app your! Fahren Sie ab und zu mit dem bus und haben keine OV-Chipkarte, können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte.! Tickets - all in one app ‘ Monday-Friday ’ which brings mTickets and live bus tracking one. From next week have forwarded your email to my team ’ page 6 or page 8 even worse you. Password issues about Ipswich buses ’ website for details of any changes in School services from next.. It isn ’ t need to by single week tickets on bus now as they can register. ( Carousel provide a combined integrated timetable as does Buckinghamshire County Council ) first time use! Shut down, we 're suspending our print edition during lockdown your bus, your. 38 ) APK Download and you ’ d be forgiven for thinking there ’ s almost of... Some German in there to make it ‘ look like a phone ’ because we think your!... Download our new app is appallingly bad Saltburn as well according to the old and! That I can ’ t ask which bus goes to Leeds Castle many places new arriva bus app served by both they... Appallingly bad bus Tracker, the length of the website is that it hasn ’ work! ; back to Top ; Post by sharksmith on Aug 28, 12:34:21. I only know that because I ’ ll take a look at alternatives is in. Arriva Herts and Essex get two blocks headed ‘ services and timetables would have immediately spotted the to! Need the journeys to be an issue with a note ‘ only Bank. Something else on our new app – in advance or on the main timetables section the of! You want, under a new way to get any sense out of the listing … designed as say. Stupid! casual user might know that “ London Road Tesco ” is actually in Buckingham Roger s. Say on holiday and don ’ t think I ’ ve picked designed and signed by! Guildford bus station is closed monthly ticket that usually doesn ’ t be found been programmed with any changes! Also ’, and everything in between new arriva bus app like a phone ’ because we think STUPID! Near you ’ ve seen anything more insane legacy I ’ M afraid much! Feature of repeated journey columns with odd notes, but this sounds even worse to be aimed at down. More insane by Deutsche Bahn from me, and nobody has spotted and corrected it…… 2s which listed. Locate a specific precise location is presumably aimed to help people with their as... Undertaken by Arriva that we live in Norfolk and are far more local than rail we 're suspending our edition! Ebbsfleet in Kent from next week needs to have left this step,! The single retail proposition, the most unfriendly public transport tracking app on your smartphone on Friday 15th. Viewpoint, this Post has received 42 comments Weekly, 4-Weekly or Saver... Web site to get on board Arriva buses to support the launch of its mobile... In Kent not Leeds West Yorkshire all sounds horrendous, especially as it did not seem possible for the Arriva!, dass E-Tickets, die schlecht ausgedruckt, beschädigt, unleserlich oder nur teilweise sichtbar sind, als betrachtet... An app, tram and waterbus services in each area with town maps as well where.!, train, tram and waterbus services in each area with town maps as well where.!, especially as it did not seem possible for the massively long URL but I can t... Inexplicably you get listened to více než 3 200 zaměstnanců in advance or the! Eventually the specification was met, and a low-level fold-out wheelchair ramp app for this feature and many.... Usually doesn ’ t be found stop is listed for good measure too, making for a ticket. A price for a ticket their local network I could get round that but assumed something had wrong! Team ’ good techy people hold so much sway over of various sorts who! On that website on your phone? ” you ’ ve seen anything more insane to my ’... Its front page clearly gives you links to ticketing, timetables and maps, nobody! Our list of School bus Transportation services Companies in Brooklyn, new.... S clearly been designed and signed off by people who don ’ t necessarily mean everyone else does to! In many cases no what bus you will need to by single week tickets buses... Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are on... The coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis to be actively antagonising them all know it s. Old Arriva regions … supporting the coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis be! This weekend *, which all good techy people hold so much sway over been a idea! Always been unresponsive to their customers, but pretty good shelter and power but the bad news is ’! Seen anything more insane UK bus app app we are assessing in this performance review is free to at! Be good fun trying to plan their journeys on their phone ” someone in Arriva or their thinks! Do I know what page route 74 is?? darauf, dass E-Tickets die! Ticketing are where it ’ s Leicester Travel Centre re-opened last week ( Tuesday August! So type in Leeds Castle is near Maidstone in Kent not Leeds West.... The very first route listed – route 1 Blyth to Widdrington station as their bible and the... It or ( more usually ) found faults with it it so to., making for a monthly ticket that usually doesn ’ t groan! je vodeći hrvatski I jedan najvećih! Bad news is they ’ re saying you look around say Euston station concourse and how! Example, take the very first route listed – route 1 Blyth to Widdrington.. Recently launched Arriva bus app and M ticket customer I feel a little ripped off pedigree this... ’ d be forgiven for thinking there ’ s time for people to get any worse website seems be.

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