SAP ONE Support Launchpad. The SAP Fiori Launchpad concept has gone through four different versions in its relatively short history. Click more to access the full version on SAP ONE Support launchpad (Login required). Notifications are shown if incidents require your attention, if a SAProuter certificate is about to expire, and for service partners. You can use it to access critial tasks, important updates, and all of SAP's live support channels anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The expert area predictor automatically suggests potential expert areas when customers book. Notification area gives you an overview of notifications from various sources, such as your incidents or important SAP Notes; Stand-alone user interface for SAP Notes and KBAs that are opened in new windows/tabs; Reports to check the authorizations of users; Incident dashboard (for pilot customers); Support packages display shows notes versions; For HEC customers: Systems are shown based on their number; Landscape application features a. 3. Please feel free to insert the link of your document or blog by selecting the edit button from Actions. Support for Ariba customers (buyers) can be found on Ariba Connect. Review the contact options to work with the multilingual Fieldglass application support team. Self-help Support Resources. Pilot customers: Search for KBAs that contain an image similar to a screenshot by using the, Permissions that are assigned to users through, To alert you about critical SAP Notes or KBAs with very high priority, a notification feature has been implemented for the. Disclaimer: Please note that the status information displayed on this page reflects the general solution status. Whether on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid, it offers speed and simplicity for users to access all support channels provided by SAP. Your S-User ID contains the letter ā€˜Sā€™ followed by a string of numbers (e.g. The SAP ONE Support Launchpad provides access to task-driven support resources through one central entry point and an intuitive interface. SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA have been added to the. In the incident form, a reminder of the remaining time of a remote connection lets you see if a connection for the selected system will be closing shortly. This blog is targeted at end users, namely implementation team members (customer or partner contacts) who are new to the SAP product ecosystem and SAP Marketing Cloud. Troubleshooting. SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad, HTML5, Tutorial, SAP Fiori, Cloud, Beginner, SAPUI5, User Interface After you set up the environment, use the generator to bootstrap a new SAPUI5 project. The SAP ONE Support Launchpad shouldn't be used by SAP Business One customers and partners as different support processes apply to them. A: It was at a DSAG (German-speaking SAP user group) event last November, when SAP presented an early version of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. By using customizable role profiles, it displays only the ā€¦ HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) customers can create service requests on behalf of an S-user who then reviews this request for approval. When creating an incident for cloud systems, you are alerted about current downtimes, which saves you from creating an incident about a known issue. Leading products can be bookmarked when marking a system as favorite. The old site is still there, but all of the applications, from SAP Notes search (Notes are SAP's equivalent to a knowledge base), to software download and installation management, to incident reports, have migrated to the new site. The next steps have been taken in the phase-out of clusters, a legacy feature to group customer and installation numbers. Find more information about topics such as installations, upgrades, support packages, patches, databases, address directories, reference data and SAP Download Manager. The PDF version for SAP Notes and KBAs has been refined, which dramatically improves the readability especially for tables and screenshots. About this page This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article.